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Trump Writes A Rambling Tweet Against The Washington Post, And Twitter Is Baffled

By Alan Jude Ryland

 Twitter   has become an interesting place these days. There are a lot of conversations   happening on the platform that did not really occur in the past. Politics, it   seems, has taken over the conversation, and rightfully so I guess. Everyone   is finding that 140 characters does seem to be enough to get their rage,   disgust, trolling, or happiness and pride out in a tweet, or in some cases, a   nice tweet storm. Obviously, this has all been fueled by the President taking   to the platform like no one in the political realm before him. It seems that   every day, there is a new "update" that we probably did not need.   He has become his own media company in a sense and it is sometimes informing,   but mostly terrifying. One thing Twitter is capable of is proving some points   and calling out lies though. The tweets are there on their servers, and while   people can delete them, there are plenty of users who can take screen shots   and have them live forever.  Regardless of the truth of any tweets, it definitely creates a storm anytime his Twitter account goes off and no matter what he says, it really sets people off and gets them going.  He has a real ability to start a heated conversation at every turn.   

It doesn't take much for President Donald Trump to make headlines...

...he makes it so easy. 

Earlier today, the president made headlines after he attacked The Washington Post and Amazon on Twitter––and confused many people with what seemed to be a nonsensical rant criticizing the newspaper and the online retailer for not paying "internet taxes" and being fake news.