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Chelsea Clinton Just Shut Down Donald Trump’s Latest Twitter Rant

By Justin Luke

Chelsea Clinton has been very outspoken about her thoughts on Donald Trump as President.  Obviously, she is a little biased seeing as Trump beat her mother, Hillary, in the election.  A lot of the points that Chelsea makes though do make sense as she stands behind human decency and core values.  She may not always be right and her points may be very opinionated, but it seems that she wants what is best for the country and for everyday people.  So it would make sense that she gets very frustrated when seeing tweets fired off every day discrediting a lot of the work that previous politicians, especially her mother, have done in past years and Trumps disregard for acknowledging anyones views outside of his own.  

So when Donald Trump went on yet another Tweetstorm Monday, firing back at critics who questioned why Ivanka was sitting in on a G20 meeting in his place. This time he chose to take aim at Chelsea. 

He did so with the following tweet which really created more questions than it did answer anything: