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Man's New American Citizenship "Welcome Packet" Still Includes A Letter From President Obama


Getting American citizenship is a very big deal for a lot of people.  These days, it is probably a bigger deal than it ever has been because of what is being talked about if you are not a citizen.  A lot of people, when receiving citizenship, have a real sense of pride in their new land and it is really great to see.  Whether people relocate, escape hardship and oppression, this country has always been a safe haven for people to start a new and better life for themselves and their families.  It is something to say that a prosperous nation continues to get better with diversity and hardworking people, but of course there are bad apples that come with every bunch.  It is a touchy subject but its always one that will be a hot button topic, especially in the political landscape.  Regardless of who comes in and how they come in, when gaining citizenship, it seems that there is a welcome packet to the nation.  That is a nice thing to think about so that there is information on your new home and its something nice to receive.  

You'd think that the White House would have changed its own records to reflect the current President, but according to Twitter user Aisha  Sultan, that is most definitely not the case.