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Tomi Lahren Lists Her Specialty As 'Melting Snowflakes' On TV, And Twitter Dragged Her

By Alan Jude Ryland

Tomi Lahren has quickly become a polarizing figure, and that is probably putting it mildly.  She seems to incite a Twitter avalanche any time she is on tv or really anytime she speaks.  Sometimes it is her views on the world, other times it is just her trying to be normal and coming off as rubbing literally everyone on both sides of every argument the wrong way.  She is really becoming one of a kind.  She is either very ignorant and really thinks people care about her (probably), or is really playing everyone in a way to further her career later on.  

She even coined the term "snowflake" to refer to so-called "whiny" liberals... and can't seem to let the word go.

Lahren made an appearance on Fox News Specialists yesterday and her onscreen bio was more than enough to make you roll your eyes.