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Sean Spicer Stole A Mini-Fridge From His Own Staff Before He Resigned

By Jamie Thiessen

Sean Spicer had an interesting tenure to say the least.  One can only think what was going through his head the whole time and also what will he do and say now that he is no longer employed by the Trump administration.  Regardless, he was a polarizing figure who is now on his way out.  I guess sometimes people can take some parting gifts for their troubles in those kinds of situations.  Sometimes it is telling people off or going in silence.  And other times it is by literally taking a physical good to remember the job by.  Almost like a parting trophy of sorts.  

Well Sean Spicer has left the building.

Photo Credit: Getty Images, Twitter

As Trump's Press Secretary, he was known for such hilarious anecdotes as tweeting out his password, and hiding from reporters in the bushes.