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Ivanka Stole A Quote From Albert Einstein And Emmy Rossum, And Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing


Stealing peoples words and thoughts and pawning them off as your own is a practice done throughout history.  When lifting someone elses thoughts, you can either hope that no one else recognizes the words, and actually believes you as an intelligent person who is not completely stealing from someone else.  Other times, people might be able to recognize something of what you are saying, but you can play off that the thought is similar to that other persons, but you put your own twist on it.  This usually works, because you can play up how well versed you are in other peoples work and have the insight to add your own thoughts to it.  Other times, however, you just flat out get called out.  When this happens, it pretty much feels like the Good Will Hunting scene when Matt Damon calls out that Harvard student for quoting history books verbatim. (Side note - never understood why the student came at Will after he cited the page number the quote was on.  Obviously he is wicked smart, move on.).  Regardless, it seems that the Trump family is very into taking from other people and not exactly citing the works of which they took.  

Remember when Melania Trump stole a whole chunk of her convention speech from Michelle Obama?

Well, Ivanka seems to have learned a thing or two from her step-mom.