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An Old Tweet Of President Trump’s Comes Back To Bite Him



It's quite obvious that one of Donald Trump's favorite things is Twitter (on the contrary — if you're anything like us — there's a decent chance that one of your least favorite things in the world is President Trump's Twitter... But I digress). He tweets nearly every day, and pretty much at all hours of the day. So, it should come as no surprise that some of his past tweets are coming back to haunt him. When you tweet that much — and as abrasively as he does — there's real meaning to the definition of "not every tweet can be a winner." And it looked like it finally happened: One of his tweets came back to haunt him in a big way. 

With the  recent replacement of his Chief of Staff, Trump, once again, is doing exactly what he complained about on Twitter when Obama was in the White House.      

Since Donald Trump joined Twitter in March 2009, he has tweeted 35.4 thousand times to date. 

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What you post on the Internet, stays on the Internet, so it was inevitable that Trump's tweets would come back and bite him.

Trump posting tweets that are at odds with his previous tweets is nothing new. 

Who can forget these classics:

The latest addition to Trump's Twitter hypocrisy is in reference to the replacement of his Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus.

On Friday Trump tweeted:

Yet we need only return to January 2012 to find a tweet Trump posted criticizing former President Obama for replacing his own Chief of Staff. 


In his first three years in office, Obama had three Chiefs of Staff as compared to Trump's two Chiefs of Staff in his first six months. 

Be careful what you tweet, Mr. Trump... the Internet doesn't forget!

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