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NYPD Publicly Slams And Shames President Trump

NYPD Publicly Slams And Shames President Trump
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11 months ago

Donald Trump is receiving some pointed criticism after a speech in Brentwood, N.Y. on Friday. 

During his speech to members of law enforcement, President Trump took the opportunity to encourage police officers not to be "too nice" when dealing with suspects they are arresting. At one point he stated: 

"Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you're protecting their head... you can take that hand away, OK?"

People criticized the speech and the officers who applauded Trump's suggestion almost immediately.

Even officers spoke out publicly against the message.

And things have ramped up from there. Entire departments are now speaking out against Trump's words.

But it was the NYPD's response distancing itself from the President that sent the strongest message and Twitter took notice.

Rachel pointed out the difference in tone between this condemnation and others.

While many people are applauding and thanking the NYPD for this statement, not everyone is convinced that there is any authenticity there.

No one doubted the authenticity of the jab NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio took at Trump, however.

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