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Man Has Intriguing Theory For Why Trump Tweets Certain Words In Quotes


There are very few things that the entire country can agree on; one of these things is that President Donald Trump undeniably loves Twitter. He literally can't stop, and won't stop, tweeting and it's truly become his primary way of communicating with the public (which means his constituents made up of his supporters and, yes, his "haters"). 

And while the tweets almost always tend to make headlines, there's one aspect of some of Trump's tweets that has boggled the minds of many Twitter users: The seemingly random quotation marks that Trump puts around words. If you've seen a Trump tweet (and if you haven't, please allow us to join you at the blissfully ignorant rock you have clearly been living under), you know that he likes to throw in random capitalization, non-sensical quotation marks, and lots and lots and lots of punctuation.