Man Accidentally Becomes Admin Of Anti-Muslim Facebook Group, And Then He Burned It Down



A troll recently won the internet after joining an Anti-Muslim Facebook group.

It all started like any other trolling session for Tom Hannah, who goes by "lil troublemaker" on Twitter, when he requested to join the group "NO SHARIA LAW WORLDWIDE," which has nearly 10,000 members.

In order to gain entry, Hannah needed to answer a few simple questions about Islam.

Clearly, whoever accepted him into the group didn't read his answers because Hannah was given the gift that every internet troll dreams of: he was made an admin of the group. 

Yes, they gave him the key to the kingdom, and you best believe he used every single ounce of his power to troll them into oblivion.

Hannah instantly got to work to make the group pay for their mistake, and pay they did. It was seriously a masterful stroke of genius on his part. So calculated. So excellent. It was just, beautiful.

First, he denied and blocked everyone who wanted to enter the group.

Next, he linked the group with other Facebook groups he is already a member of.

Of course, Hannah couldn't let the current name of the group stand.

The name went through a few minor changes.

But the fun was short-lived, as members started to catch on.

And they were not pleased.

And just like that, Hannah's epic troll came to an end.

He was proud of the work he'd done.

So, apparently, was the rest of Twitter.

Although, there was one bit of advice we bet Hannah wishes he had known before he began this troll for the ages.

But no worries, Hannah can use this information next time. Please let there be a next time.

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