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Twitter Comedian Posts ‘Handy’ Nazi Flowchart To Help People Figure It Out


The violence and terrorism on display over the weekend prompted some unexpectedly equivocal commentary from many on the right, including the current occupant of the White House. 

So in order to clear things up and to un-muddy the waters, comedian Geraldine DeRuiter made a flow chart to help people navigate what has become, for some, a very sticky topic. It's a bit insane to think about the countless Americans who died fighting Nazi fascists and an ideology that threatened to take over much over the modern world, only to have a resurgence of this disgusting way of thinking creep back into our collective social consciousness by a bunch of disgruntled losers who want to blame all of their problems on immigrants and liberals. News flash: if an immigrant can come to America and become successful with all of the odds stacked against them, and you can't, then that's not the immigrant's fault. That's your fault for being an entitled loser and not picking yourself up by your bootstraps and getting to work. It's insane how Nazis and racists are the biggest snowflakes out there.