Politician Tries To Mansplain Female CNN Pundit, Gets Completely Shut Down



Conservative politician Corey Stewart appeared on At This Hour with Kate Bolduan on Thursday to defend white supremacists and monuments to confederate generals. As Kate tried to get a question in, Stewart repeatedly interrupted her, insisted on putting words in her mouth, explained her opinions, and was completely patronizing. 

In short, it was a classic mansplain situation and Bolduan was having none of it.

Twitter loves her for putting Stewart in his place.

It was pretty satisfying to watch.

When she finally got Stewart to be quiet for a moment, Boldoun also made a great point...

Perhaps some perspective is needed...

Corey Stewart, a Wisconsin native, is a controversial extremist rightwing politician in Virginia where he has leaned hard on his southern roots (reminder: he was born in Wisconsin) during a recent race for governor. He centered much of his campaign around defense of confederate monuments and condemnation of "transgender bathrooms." He was very nearly nominated by state Republicans as their gubernatorial candidate, which is a scary thought, but sadly a harsh reality of the political world we're living in today.

Anyone who says the protest was about statues clearly hasn't seen the event's posters. I mean, just take a look at them.

Well done, Ms. Boldoun! If discourse is going to happen, it's going to happen with respect.

Sadly, most people don't see it that way and oftentimes, the discourse is completely useless because both people going into the conversation are refusing to see it from anybody else's point of view. It doesn't look like she's going to change Corey's mind anytime soon and with the way Corey spoke down to her and utterly disregarded her on her own program, it doesn't look like Kate's going to change her mind either.

H/T - Twitter, Slate

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