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Source: twitter

Video Of Hillary Clinton Accurately Warning America About Trump And White Supremacy Re-Emerges Online

By Brian Skellenger

As the nation grows ever more divided, with President Trump emboldening hate groups by not expressly condemning them after the deadly protest in Charlottesville, a voice of reason has emerged.

Unfortunately for us, however, that voice is from a year ago, when Hillary Clinton attempted to warn voters of the dangers of electing Donald Trump. The problem with Hillary is that she was fundamentally unlikable going into the election and played the "high road" against Donald Trump. Unfortunately, when your opponent is mud-slinging at every toss and turn, you're going to look like "every other politician" standing next to him. Maybe if Hillary had owned up to the fact that she can be downright vicious and played Trump for the moron that he is, she would've been able to eek out a victory. But now, he we are.

In a video that has reemerged and gone viral, Clinton explains exactly the circumstances we find ourselves in at the moment: