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Alex Jones Shares Video ‘Proving' Michelle Obama 'Is A Man'—And Chelsea Clinton Shot Back

By Sebastian Fortino

It's hard to say Alex Jones' name seriously, but there are a growing number of people who listen to his InfoWars program and take his rantings and ravings seriously. If you're unfamiliar with his gripes here are some of his heaviest hitters:

  • The US government is responsible for treating water that turns frogs gay.
  • The government has weapons that manipulate and use the weather as "ammunition".
  • Robert Mueller is a demon and maybe pedophile.
  • The Sandy Hook shooting where several elementary schoolchildren were murdered in cold blood by a psychopath was staged and all of the parents involved in the massacre are paid actors.

And now, Alex Jones is at it again. 

This time he shared a video that he claims is "final proof that  Michelle Obama is a man." Oh, and he implied that Joan Rivers was killed for revealing this information.


Jones, who has previously suggested that the Sandy Hook massacre was a  hoax and who has cast doubt on 9/11, has long promoted the theory that Michelle Obama was born a man but said the 'new viral video' proved that he did not invent the theory himself.

We won't dignify the video with an embed here, but here's a taste of Jones's words on the matter: 

"Analyzing the photographs, Michelle appears to have a very large penis in her pants. Her shoulders are wide, her face is very, very, masculine."
"She looks like a tranny and so you ask yourself, are the children a beard?"