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Joel Osteen Ignoring Victims Of Hurricane Harvey Is The Internet’s Newest Meme

Joel Osteen Ignoring Victims Of Hurricane Harvey Is The Internet’s Newest Meme
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Updated 10 months ago

Joel Osteen, head of the Lakewood mega-church in Houston, Texas, has become the focus of the Internet's anger over the past several days. When Hurricane Harvey hit the coast, flooding huge swaths of land and leaving thousands without shelter, Osteen refused to open the doors of his 17,000-seat building. 

Osteen then began claiming the church was inaccessible due to flooding, despite pictures people quickly shared on Twitter showing the premises almost completely unharmed. In response to the intense public outcry, Osteen finally bowed to pressure and opened Lakewood to those in need.

Memes began circulating pointing out the preacher's hypocrisy.

God loves the man who loves money! Wait, that's not right.

You know what feels really great? Having a place to sleep.

Perhaps the story of Noah inspired Osteen.


Osteen has begun blocking many critics on Twitter. He's appeared on several television shows, first saying he didn't open the doors of his church because the city of Houston had not requested it, then backtracking and saying the church was always open — despite video showing nobody was present and the doors were locked.

Christian FAIL.

Many memes focus on Osteen's personal wealth.

Meanwhile, memes continue to pour in. 

I'm afraid it will take some VERY Christian behavior for the Internet to forgive you, Mr. Osteen. 

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