Trump Supporters Go Ballistic After Misunderstanding A Harmless News Headline



NPR ran a story on Monday that seems to have stirred up quite a controversy among baby boomers (those Americans who were born between 1946 and 1955.) 

Countless boomers have taken to social media to decry the article, which features this seemingly innocuous headline:

Get Off The Couch Baby Boomers, Or You May Not Be Able To Later

It appears the angry commenters never actually read the article, however, which is simply a piece about how sitting for 13-14 hours a day may increase your risk of disease. Instead, they seem to have assumed that the article was about the laziness of their generation and were immediately triggered. 

Countless baby boomers are slamming the piece on Twitter and many of them are outspoken Trump supporters.

"Deplorable D Pierce" wants us to know she owes us NOTHING:

Apparently the life of an angry baby boomer is pretty busy:

Gregory makes a fair point:

That escalated quickly...

While Trump supporters are irate at the article (while still having no idea as to its substance), others are finding the situation pretty hilarious:

The Democrats' nefarious scheme!

There are quite a few snowflakes out there:

A word to the wise: always be aware of context before criticizing.

This kind of knee-jerk reaction is a perfect example of how Trump was elected President: headlines that linked to fake news articles generated by Russian bots and fake social media accounts that somehow spread like wildfire to people's pages which painted an election that was "rigged by da Dems" and how Hillary was "crooked" (no candidate is perfect but a huge deal was made about her emails, meanwhile, Trump's staff was found guilty of the same thing) shows just how big of an impact actual fake news has on society.

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