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20 People Shared The Disastrous Things That Happened At Their Wedding



Everyone dreams of having the perfect wedding day complete with flowers, ponies, and the relatives that you hate blowing a tire on the way. But that doesn’t usually happen, there’s always going to be hitches.

Whether it’s your ex actually showing up and breaking literally everything, or apparently, the bride drinking a little too much the night before and having an accident in her white dress, weddings have a way of turning out to be less than ideal. The people of Reddit recently shared the stories behind the most disastrous weddings they’ve ever been to. 

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This has gotta be one of our favorites:

"Groom stands up at the post-wedding dinner. 'Can any one with a red-sticker on their name-tag please stand up.' 7 guys rise from their chairs. Groom says 'I would like to thank all 7 of you for fucking Alice for the last 6 months. My lawyer here will void the marriage. Bye for now.' Then he walks out. Actually that was amazing!"

But this one's a close second:

"The priest during the ceremony kept calling the bride 'Elizabeth' despite her name being Kristin. The bride and the maid of honor tried to correct him but he was so old and hard of hearing that he just kept continuing calling her the wrong name. This wedding also had that parents of the groom show up halfway through the ceremony."

This one is just downright terrible:

"My mother-in-law mocked my 87-year-old grandfather for not being clean-shaven at the wedding. He had just had surgery and was on blood thinners, and I told him not to shave for fear of nicking himself. She also proceeded to tell her niece that my husband and I shouldn't be getting married and I wasn't good enough for her little boy... in the middle of the ceremony, loudly enough for the entire party to hear."

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