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We All Sympathize With 'Hurt Bae,' A Heartbroken Woman Who Confronted Her Cheating Ex

We All Sympathize With 'Hurt Bae,' A Heartbroken Woman Who Confronted Her Cheating Ex
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Updated 1 year ago

Human beings have the capacity to do amazing things. Airplanes? Space travel? The pyramids? The crunchwrap supreme? We are capable of astounding things and feats of intelligence that make other species look like total chumps.

But with that comes the capacity for great stupidity. A stupidity that in some instances makes us even beautiful. And it usually boils down to love or our pursuit of it. There's always that one person in our lives that we've penned so much of our hopes on and wanted to make a relationship work with them so badly, but it just never worked out.

That doesn't stop us from obsessing over that person, or deluding ourselves into thinking circumstances will change. When we're in love, we're convinced there's always a chance we can salvage the relationship. Blame romantic comedies, but we never give up hope.

And this woman, who Twitter is calling 'Hurt Bae,' had a candid interview that's in the running for the most perfect example of what blind love is.

In her eye-opening, honest, and emotional confrontation with a former boyfriend, Hurt Bae recounted all of the harmful and low-down dirty things her ex did to her. She caught him with another woman in his room, found pictures, nudes, text messages from other women - the more the interview carried on the more of her ex's infidelities came up.

And Twitter's mind was blown by how such a caring and beautiful woman could have allowed herself to get hurt for so long.
But moreso, they were really, really pissed off at the guy.
Others just couldn't stop crying.
And of course there were memes.
But the conversation turned real.
And then someone left this eye-opening piece of information.

Hopefully he's learned from his past mistakes and will treat people with more respect in the future. Even more importantly, we're all hoping that Hurt Bae finds someone worthy of her love and devotion.

If you've got some closure you wanted to get with an ex, email the folks who did "The Scene" piece with 'Hurt Bae' here.

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