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This Couple's Open Relationship Reminds Us That The World Of Romance Is Ever-Evolving

This Couple's Open Relationship Reminds Us That The World Of Romance Is Ever-Evolving
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1 year ago

Who we love is a dangerous game. And as we all know, love, needs, and relationships can change over time. While some couples live a monogamous lifestyle, others choose to have open or polyamorous relationships, meaning that one or both people in the relationship can see other people. Open relationships often get a bad reputation in the media because there are a lot of negative stigmas about open relationships not being "real" relationships, or an option couples turn to only when on the brink of a breakup. 

Of course, as is the case with every kind of relationship, sometimes open relationships are happy and healthy, and sometimes they are not. It all depends on the people involved in the specific situation, and how much love, respect, and honesty went into the arrangement.

Some might say that Adam Gillet cut his girlfriend a deal by opening up the relationship after she suggested a breakup. Others might say their relationship is growing in a new and healthier direction now that it is open.

Her side of the relationship is open, meaning she can have multiple relationships at once.

The 27-year-old factory worker struck a deal with his girlfriend, Beatrice Gibbs, after she tried breaking off their relationship because she wasn't ready to "settle down and commit to just one man".

The 22-year-old make-up artist calls the situation "perfect."

" It's the perfect situation. I have a boyfriend I love but I also get to have fun with other men when I want to," Gibbs said in an interview with The Sun.

"Some people might think I'm having my cake and eating it but we are happy and we're not causing anyone any harm."
"I don't feel guilty as we both agreed to our open relationship. I know it must be difficult for him but it's the only way we could be together."
The warehouse worker says that he feels "a pang of jealousy" whenever his girlfriend mentions what she's been up to.

He went on to say that he keeps his feelings about her open side of the relationship inside and that he's learned to "deal with...[his] feelings about it".

While Adam has not pursued anyone else, Beatrice says that she's had five other romantic partners in the past 18 months.

She says that they're happy in this arrangement and that they don't see anything wrong with their relationship as it isn't hurting anyone. Adam says that the arrangement removes the worry he has from his mind that she'll cheat on him. (h/t dailymail)

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