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Serial Dine And Dasher Is Going Viral After Leaving Dates With Enormous Bills

Serial Dine And Dasher Is Going Viral After Leaving Dates With Enormous Bills
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1 year ago

There are plenty of ways to screw up a blind date. Pick a bad restaurant, talk about the wrong things, or even dine and dash.

That one might seem like a joke, but it is a real thing people do, or  at least this one guy allegedly does it. His name is Paul Gonzales and police are looking for him after he dined and dashed on three separate women. One of the dates explained what sounds like the start to a pretty bad evening

“[He was] very complimentary, very chatty, seemed to have similar interests,” she said.
The woman said things got weird when he ordered over $100 worth of food for himself.
“This guy is obnoxious,” she thought. “First of all, who orders two entrees? But he excused it by saying he was a bodybuilder.”
She said when she didn’t reciprocate his advances, he took off and left her holding the check.
“He says ‘I’m going to the bathroom, I’ll be right back’ and he never did,” she said.

Needless to say, they didn't go out again. 

As bad of a thing as this is to do to someone, I can at least see how he got away with it. What I have a harder time understanding is how he was able to dine and dash a haircut, or rather, pull a "clip and exit."

Back in February, Gonzales allegedly did exactly the same thing at a hair salon in Burbank. He got up and left with his smock still on, which was caught on security footage.

As Susmita Baral points out at Refinery29, at the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office, there are warrants for his arrest for charges including: failing to show up to court for petty theft, and driving without a license. Baral also notes that his official records show he’s spent time in jail for misdemeanor arrests.

There is one piece of good news from all of this: he's available, ladies!

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