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Source: Victoria Baldwin

These Divorced Parents Reunite Every Year For Family Photos With Their Son

By Aimee Lutkin

Raising a child is already extremely hard, so just imagine how it feels to raise a child while also getting your heart broken. Any parent who's been through a divorce knows the challenge of creating a home for your kid to thrive in while also wanting to freak out on the person you're sharing custody with. And if you're a kid who comes from a family of divorce, you probably know how often parents can fail at that. They're only human, after all.

OR ARE THEY? One couple is blowing minds with their incredibly mature, supportive response to going through a difficult divorce. In a viral post on Love What Matters Facebook page, former couple Adam Dyson and Victoria Baldwin shared their story of figuring out how to continue their family even when they didn't want to continue their relationship. Adam and Victoria have a 4-year-old son named Bruce. They shared four photos, two taken before they separated and two after.

"The top two photos were taken when Adam and I were married. The bottom two, taken nearly one year and over two years...

Posted by Love What Matters on Monday, March 27, 2017