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Dude Walks In On His Girl With Another Guy And Just Takes A Selfie With Them

By Aimee Lutkin

Duston Holloway is a 23-year-old man from Killeen, TX, with the patience of a saint. Maxim reports that Duston came home to find his girlfriend passed out in bed next to another dude. Violence is never acceptable, but you would at least think he'd scream his head off. Nope. Duston fired up his smartphone and started snapping away. While it's pretty humiliating to get outed as a cheater on social media, it's also kind of an appropriate punishment for doing a really crappy thing. Duston shared a selfie of himself with the oblivious couple, much to all of his friends' amusement:

Friends asked Duston if he woke them up, but he said, "Hell no I wanted to kick his ass but I just calmly took selfies and then walked like a boss." He says he did try to tap her on the shoulder, intending to ask if he should sleep in the spare room and what her new fella liked for breakfast (I assume sarcastically), but she was "drunk as a skunk" and didn't understand. Duston's post went viral, probably because lots of other people have been cheated on and wish they'd handled it with the same level of dignity. On Sunday, Duston posted a big thank you to all the people reaching out to him with supportive messages: