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Man Texts Girlfriend That He Had To Cheat To Find The Cure For Cancer

Man Texts Girlfriend That He Had To Cheat To Find The Cure For Cancer
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11 months ago

This is Bella, a gorgeous Twitter queen:

Bella recently shared some texts from her boyfriend in which he makes up a pretty insulting excuse for why he cheated on her with another woman. Well, hopefully he's now her ex-boyfriend? Who knows, but if he's seen her, he should know better! 

In his texts, Bella's boyfriend writes that he let another woman perform oral sex on him, but it was all for the greater good. He explains that the woman was drunk, and she wanted to perform oral sex on him so badly he was afraid if he didn't let her, she'd run out on the street and get hit by a car. The driver would be sentenced to jail for it. His precocious children would never make it through college without a dad around, and thus never become scientists and eventually cure cancer.

That's not only rude to Bella, it's rude to the theoretical children for assuming they wouldn't be able to survive adversity and go to med school. Everyone is enjoying trashing this guy's excuses and his terrible grammar:

Let's pray Bella is really done with this guy, because if you ask me, he doesn't deserve someone who is both hot and has a sense of humor. Unless cancer is gone overnight, it's not an adequate excuse for cheating.

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