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Source: Twitter

This Husband Is Inspiring Everyone With The Sweet Way He Spies On His Wife

By Aimee Lutkinnnn

Pinterest is like Reddit in that it's a scary place to visit when you start clicking around and have absolutely no idea what it is that you're doing as you jump from page to page. What are those tiles? Why does it keep asking me to register? Where's that thing I just saved? Personally, I've only been there whenever Google Images takes me there and I can't click out fast enough. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Pinterest requires work and is a different type of social media network than what we've become accustomed to. While you're racist uncle could in theory make his way over there and start posted poorly cropped memes to show those dang libs what's what, the overwhelming majority of people there spend their time pinning project ideas, sharing do-it-yourself tips, and actually using the website to advance and positively impact their lives rather than ruin it as we've become accustomed to doing on other social media websites and apps.

When it gets down to it, being 'good' at a website like Pinterest takes almost as much effort as making the things you're pinning in real life, and that's what makes this story special.

Activist and popular Twitter follow Deray Mckesson somewhat naively questioned if people even still use Pinterest, though he claims to not even understand what it's for. How dare you, sir! It's where we all go to see the fanciest wedding bouquets in mason jars and Harry Potter themed engagement rings!

Pinterest boards are fun, but one man's response elevated the social media platform to the next level. BuzzFeed News reports that Jordan, who goes by Jay from Boston on Twitter, claims that he made a secret account to follow his wife TyAnna on Pinterest so he could figure out what kind of things she likes, then buy her gifts. Until his tweet went viral, she had no idea: