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Source: Twitter

This Story Of How Friends Helped A Grief-Stricken Woman Is Incredible

By Aimee Lutkin

On Friday, Anthony Bourdain died in France, found by his good friend, chef Eric Ripert, in his hotel room as they were working on an episode of his cooking and traveling show, Parts Unknown. He reportedly died by suicide.

Bourdain's death effected many, many people who were influenced by his approach to life, food, and connecting with other people. And the manner of his death has inspired a great deal of conversation about how we should be reaching out to one another, especially people who are experiencing depression. You may not know how someone is suffering, or if they are. One of the many suggestions is that you "check in" on someone, and let them know how loved they are. 

Film and TV critic Sheila O'Malley shared a long Twitter thread in response to this idea, relating a time in her life when she felt incredibly low. O'Malley had a very close relationship with her father, and after his passing she was finding it very difficult to function.