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Source: twitter | getty

Girl Actually Convinces Desperate Tinder Guy They Can't Text for This Dumb Reason

By Mustafa Gatollari

Trolling Tinder matches has become somewhat of an Olympic sport these days. Just ask this aspiring Instagram model who managed to hoodwink dozens of dudes into showing up to the same Tinder date.

The entire cringeworthy experience sums up what modern heterosexual dating has devolved into: tons of thirsty dudes right-swiping on various dating apps in the hopes of catching a woman's attention. As a result, women end up playing games with these "thirsty f-boys," and the cycle continues.

I'm not going to get into the morality or ethics of this, and I will say that I genuinely do feel bad for some people who are casualties of the online dating world, like this one girl who traveled to another state to meet a date and ended up getting ditched. Seeing people get their comeuppances like that always warms my heart.