23 People Share the Cringiest Moments from Their First Relationships and It's Too Relatable

Our first attempts at love don't always go over so well and sometimes, we do downright embarrassing things.

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Oct. 18 2018, Updated 4:59 a.m. ET

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Ahh to be young and in love for the very first time with that special somebody. You've never experienced the feeling before so it's all so new and incredible. You feel everything that much more, you're that much more self-conscious and borderline insane.

And that insanity can drive you to do pretty insane things, or stuff that's just downright cringey. In a recent AskReddit post, people shared some of the most humiliating things they've ever done in their first relationships.

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1. The incessant caller.

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She started to ignore me at school (this was like maybe one or two weeks after we started dating). I called her house like 6 or 7 times one afternoon after school until her mom picked up, who was basically furious because I had been calling. I explained to her that Alexa was ignoring my calls. I hear in the background.
"Alexa why aren't you answering the phone??" To which she responds "Because he's weird and he just keeps calling!!"
I hung up the phone and went to my room. I carved her name in my wall with a pen. I still cringe about it to this day.

- ThePathGuy

2. The ghost who thought relationships took a break over the summer.

Source: nbc
Started dating three months before sophomore year ended. Once summer started I completely ghosted her. Skip to first week of junior year, I thought we were still together. You can imagine how she reacted when I approached her for a kiss. The shame is still real to this day.

- ToastBudder

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3. Making out with mom in the front seat.

Source: wmg
I was a freshman in high school and a fairly large group of my friends and I went to see Juno in the theaters. Well afterwards my mom offers to drive my friends and my boyfriend home in the family mini-van. We wound up running out of seats so for some reason my mom decides to let me sit in the trunk of the van with my boyfriend, what could go wrong. Well apparently a movie about teen pregnancy isn’t a total mood killer cause we wound up making out in the trunk for the entire drive. What never crossed either of our hormone-addled brains was that ALL OF MY FRIENDS AND MY MOM COULD HEAR US GROSSLY MAKING OUT. It finally clicked once I noticed one of my friends trying to talk over us in a vain attempt to cover the sounds so my mom wouldn’t hear while another friend couldn’t stop giggling. I was mortified and the memory still haunts me to this day. Three cheers for being 14 and totally clueless.

- DeadlyKitten00

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4. Garbage poetry.

Source: mgm distribution
The letters I've wrote... Oh those letters.. 15 year old me thought he was deep and romantic. He wasn't! I hope they don't exist anymore .

- pekoe84

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5. Random acts of licking faces.

Source: warner bros.
I licked her face to be 'random'. God that hurt to re-imagine.
(Please don't mention hybridized eating utensils.)

- zangor

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6. Obnoxious moaning.

Source: paramount pictures
Ugh. I had honestly forgotten this until I read this question. First "date" to a movie. We see Titanic... because that can only end well. We, as horny youngsters aren't watching the movie, but instead making out and moaning in probably the 3rd row of a packed theater. (I'd never made out before, I assumed moaning was involved). Ugh so cringey and gross.

- baconismywayoflife

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7. Skirting around the issue.

Source: sixteen productions
Declined staying the night because I was, and I quote, wearing a skirt and didn't want it to ride up while I was sleeping.

- operarose

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8. Horrible "best friend" advice.

Source: miramax
Broke up with her because my best friend told me to, we were perfectly fine together but I guess I kinda worshiped the guy and his advice. He later tried asking her out when we split, we were all 14-15.

- Waffle_Duck

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9. Sticker slapper.

Source: columbia pictures
I used to take laps around the playground and slap stickers on her [butt]. I don’t know what I was thinking.

- IHiatus

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10. 24 hours to love.

Source: summit entertainment
Told her I loved her within the first 24 hours at the school parking lot.

- TheLastSannin

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11. Lasagna barf at the worst possible time.

Source: 20th century fox
He took me to Olive Garden and bought me that meat lovers' lasagna (I’m pretty damn sure that’s what it was/is called) and when we got back to his place I wanted to show him how appreciative I was so I gave him my first b*#@job. Turned out I was not ready for that job and threw up the entire lasagna. God help me I can’t believe I’m finally sharing this story.

- Lunitalaura

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12. Pizza Hut proposal.

Source: fox
After I saw Eric propose to Donna on That 70s Show, I went out and got a 25¢ ring from the local Pizza Hut and proposed. At school. In front of everyone. I was 16.
EDIT: I'm glad you all could share a cringe with me. To answer the burning question, she did say yes. We didn't last. Sorry, no happy ending here, just teenagers doing impulsive things.

- TheNoslo721

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13. Oh no. Oh noooooo.

Source: parlophone | emi
We took a "break" and I posted a video to "Creep" by Radiohead with the caption "For that special someone." Ugh. I almost cringed off my chair writing this.

- dmey91

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14. Bloody nose.

Source: 20th century fox
My first make out session with someone was with my first girlfriend. We were in her bedroom, turned out the lights and went at it on the floor of her room. After a while I feel something wet on my face, I didn’t want to stop so I just ignored it and carried on.
She notices it too and decides to turn on the light because something is really wet on our faces.
Light comes on and turns out I’d had a massive nose bleed and there was blood EVERYWHERE. I was covered in it, she was covered in it and there were bloodstains all over her room.
If that wasn’t embarrassing enough when she went to the bathroom to clean up her mum caught her in the hallway. She sees the blood and immediately screams. Her assumption was that I was beating her daughter up and I get chucked out the house.
Took a long time and explaining for me to show my face there again.

- flingthepoop

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15. Papa Roach.

Source: geffen
I was 17. We had just had a fight. I drove to his house and blasted “Scars” by Papa Roach from my car and just stood awkwardly at the end of the drive way waiting for him to come out.
I really wish this weren’t true.

- mastercait

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16. Airbrushed is never a good look.

Let my mom purchase custom matching airbrushed shirts of two people kissing, with my girlfriend and my name on them.

- ArpeggiatedAnt

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17. Fajita puke.

Source: chilis
I was so nervous on the way home. Being 14, his dad drove us to my house to drop me off. I leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. A quick peck and then I threw up his mom's fajitas all over myself. 

- theFreshlyViolated

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18. Twice the cringe.

Source: carl's jr.
He french-kissed me after eating a bacon double cheeseburger with onions and all sorts of other stinky stuff. I told him I had a bad experience with french-kissing with a guy before him (LIES, he was my first kiss obvi) and I would appreciate if he never did it again.
Bonus cringe: I rubbed vapor rub near my eyes to make myself cry when I broke up with him and told him I was overwhelmed and needed to focus on school (I was in 8th grade )

- theglitteriest

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19. Let's just be friends.

Source: miramax
Tried to defend her honour. I got the $#!* kicked out of me by 3 guys. I earned cred for taking a beating, but she thought we should just be friends after witnessing that.

- professorzaius

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20. You no stud, brah.

Source: new line cinema
Broke it off because I thought I was a stud, I was single about 3 years after that.

- juggilinjnuggala

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21. I feel bad for them.

Source: capitol records
I was too immature to talk about us one day having sex, so I'd giggle and say, "do...you know."

- hopebirmingham

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22. When weird works.

Source: nbc
I was super shy back in the day and I really really liked this guy who had weirdly flirted with me in one of our classes. He told me I looked like some random celebrity when I wore my hair down and how hot she was… so I never wore my hair up again for the entirety of school. I replied later by slipping a note in his locker but didn’t sign it. A few days after that, I threw in a t-shirt I thought he would like. He didn’t know who it was from until weeks later when he finally wore it to school to see if anyone said something. My BFF at the time did and he realized it was me. Super creepy on my end. We ended up dating for a day before we broke up because we were stupid kids.
Now, 15 years later, we reconnected and are now married. So… totally worked as planned.

- nemophile

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