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Source: imgur

Couple Throws All-Bride Wedding Where It's Everybody's Big Day


There's usually a lot of hoity-toitiness surrounding people's weddings. There's an air of superiority, insincerity, and seriousness that makes the entire affair kind of dreadful at times. You ever sit through a wedding that has speech after speech after speech, and all of them are absolute snoozefests?  I have, one too many times, and they're anything but fun.

Then there are the multitude of Bridezilla stories people just love to hate. Obviously, everyone wants their "special day" to be extra special and all about them. But there are some people who take it too far. Whether it's a ridiculous dress code, or bashing your guests for not donating thousands and thousands of dollars to a GoFundMe so you can have the wedding of your dreams, there are people out there who become absolutely vicious once they get engaged.