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This Is What Happens When You Don't Masturbate For A While

This Is What Happens When You Don't Masturbate For A While
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Updated 1 year ago

Masturbation is a victim-less crime, well that is unless you grew up in an uber-strict religious family like me. Then there was eternal damnation to worry about, not to mention the utter destruction of the family structure due to your insatiable, perverse desires. 

I mean, but that's never stopped me or billions of other people from doing it pretty much every day, but are there actual benefits to not stroking/flicking away whenever you feel the need? 


In 2011, Alexander Rhodes was browsing Reddit and saw a study that read "When men don't ejaculate for seven days their serum testosterone levels increase by 45.7 percent."

Obviously it seemed like some BS, so he decided to try it himself. Which was a challenge, because Rhodes would jerk off alot - like 10 times a day.

“I had heart palpitations from not masturbating,” Rhodes tells Upvoted. “Any time I saw any piece of skin on a girl walking by, I felt like there might be a cardiac incident [laughs]. It was extraordinarily challenging.” 

And although most men would quit...

Rhodes stuck with it and noticed extraordinary changes in his body.

“I gained an energy that can be applied to every area of life. It is hard to explain in words." 

He had more focus on his work. He was able to get more done in his day and stopped using masturbation sessions as a distraction from the tasks he always wanted to accomplish. And although he didn't measure his testosterone levels, he felt like he was on to something. 

So he created NoFap, the online Reddit community where fellow anti-masturbators encourage each other and share their non-fapping success stories.


NoFap isn't just a bunch of goody-two-shows who pat each on the backs for not touching themselves - there's actual science behind the benefits of not jerking it. 

Brain scans of admitted compulsive porn watchers/masturbators revealed that they have similar neural structures to other addicts.


And members of the community have said they're all experiencing the same benefits of the No Fap challenge.

Some no-fappers have noticed increased attention from women after not stroking it for extended periods of time.

“I know on Nofap we often speak of ‘more attention from females,’ ‘random girls keep staring at me at the gym (or work, or school, mall etc…),’ ‘got out the friend zone with a girl I’ve liked for years.’ …“Is it pheromones? Our increase in testosterone? The fact that we’re improving our lives so ppl in general just are more attracted to our ‘aura’? Or is it something else? Or is it a little of all the above?“If you’ve never been on a long streak or got into No Fap, it can be easy to call BS on the whole ‘attention we get from the opposite sex superpower.’“Plus, we all know those guys who jerk off to porn everyday who seem to have no trouble getting whatever women they want…“So can quitting jerking off REALLY be a factor in getting attention from the ladies?” 

Who knows whether or not giving up masturbation yields super-powers? Most people probably won't find out because it's much easier to spend a good hour browsing xvideos to find the perfect video to jerk off to than, you know, do something actually productive with your day. (h/t upvoted) 

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