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This Bad Ass Women's Motorbike Gang Delivers Breast Milk To Premature Babies


You've probably never thought about it, but for many young babies, a donation of breast milk can be just as lifesaving as a donation of blood. The New York Milk Bank is a non-profit that provides breast milk to premature infants and any other child in need of milk.

The procedure is much the same for blood donations, women who produce too much milk are screened and donate any leftovers. 

But they quickly ran into a problem. How to get the milk into their facility for pasteurization and then distributed to hospitals and other facilities in the short amount of time they have to work with on the busy streets of New York. 

That's when Sirens Women's MC of NY, a women's motorcycle 'gang,' offered their services. When they're not being total bad asses, they're being total bad asses who weave in and out of traffic ferrying breast milk to babies in need. 

"I could beat you up, or I could make sure that a baby gets something to eat," is probably not even close to what this woman is thinking. But we can all dream. 

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Source: Youtube