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Girl Pranks Mom By Saying She Hit Someone And Gets Unexpected Response

By Mark Pygas

Twitter user IamVinnieF's sister recently decided to try and prank her mom by texting her to say she'd hit a man with her car and needed to know what to do. Let's just say that this mother has gotten away with a few murders in her time... 

The girl wrote, "We just hit this man coming up 38th and he ain't breathing idk [I don't know] what to do," to which her mom responded, "Put his a-- in the trunk. Where are you on 38th?"

The daughter then writes, "We are by the pizza shop on Sherman mama hurry up I'm freaking out I don't want to go to jail." Her mother rather shockingly replies, "You're not I'm omw [on my way] we can switch cars and I'll get rid of the body.. I'll take the case if they find out."

Other people wanted to see how their parents would react, so they tried the same thing. One person's dad was convinced their phone had been stolen.