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This Former Heroin Addict's Before And After Photos Are Nothing Short Of Inspirational

This Former Heroin Addict's Before And After Photos Are Nothing Short Of Inspirational
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Updated 1 year ago

Four years of sobriety can make a world of difference. Just ask 26-year-old Dejah Hall.

Hall posted before and after photos of her recovery and it's hard to believe you're looking at the same person in both photos.

Hall penned an inspirational Facebook post celebrating her four years off of heroin and meth.

"Today marks 4 years clean from heroin and meth. The top left is me in full blown addiction , I was a terrible iv user and like most, progressively got worse. The bottom left is me the day I was arrested 12-6-12 and coincidentally the day I finally surrendered to God! With the help of God I am completing my BA and hope to one day be a prison minister."

Hall is now a proud mother and has a message of positivity and support for everyone who is currently struggling with addiction.

"I have a beautiful 18 month old and everyday I thank God that I am not where I once was! #Sobriety is #Possible 12/6/12."

The difference between Hall today and four years ago is night and day, but the Arizona bartender says that her addiction started when she was a teenager. It first started with painkillers, which evolved into heroin and eventually, meth.

Hall didn't seriously resolve to quit until she visited her grandfather in 2012, who, upon seeing her, said "she was hurting him".

Hall went to jail two weeks later and her grandfather passed away while she was locked up. When she learned of the news, she quit right then and there.

She cut off ties with her drug-using friends and has been clean ever since.

If you or anyone else you know is struggling with addiction, you can find resources to help here. (h/tdailymail)

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