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People Thought Donald Trump Had His Hands Photoshopped To Look Bigger In This Picture

People Thought Donald Trump Had His Hands Photoshopped To Look Bigger In This Picture
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Updated 1 year ago

The size of Donald Trump's hands have made headlines one too many times, and a picture circulating online just made sure that they'll at least get one more. Someone sent out a rather convincing tweet that ended up spreading like wildfire.

His hands have already made news once this week while he was trying to get the cap off a pen, but this revisits a longstanding alleged insecurity Trump has about the size of his hands.Would the President of the United States of America really go through the trouble of contributing resources to make a nonsense modification like this to a photo that would be hung in the White House for all to see? Doubtful, but that isn't stopping people from trying to make us see what they see.

People were having a hard time believing this, but the evidence soon started to pile up and made them question whether or not this was really real.

Someone looked to scale the hand with something else in the photo to see if it was just angled wrong.

With the number of doubts snowballing, someone did the gruntwork of finding the best view they could of the photo and lining it up with the original on Getty. The results? Well...

Jokes were made, of course.

But this exchange summed up everyone's feeling on this.

This is still all just speculation, but would you be surprised if someone managed to check the actual photo in the White House to confirm? Tell us in the comments.

UPDATE Well...

That settles that.

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