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This Couple Included Their Dogs In A Precious Maternity Shoot After People Criticized Their Pets


As any good dog owner knows, puppers are part of the family. They're as integral to the family unit as anyone else — and, let's face it, they're always the most popular family members. 

Accordingly, there's nothing more exciting than telling your furbabies that they're about to have another hooman to love! In cute, little baby form!

Unfortunately, not everyone is a dog lover who can understand this as good news. Far too many people assume that pets and babies are incompatible. Thankfully, though, one couple is out to prove these critics wrong. 

Meet Aditya Raheja and Sanjana Madappa, the world's cutest couple who are parents to many, many furbabies.

Sanjana works at an animal welfare organization in Bengaluru called CUPA. As a result, the married couple can't stop bringing in new doggos to the family.