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Muslim Woman Films Bigot's Gross Response After She Asks Why He Took A Photo Of Her

Muslim Woman Films Bigot's Gross Response After She Asks Why He Took A Photo Of Her
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Updated 1 year ago

We've all tried to capture photos of people on the sly. Usually it's for a comedic purpose or an inside joke we want to send to a friend.

But even if we're taking the photo in a public place, we know what we're doing is creepy and uncool because no matter how "technically" within your rights you are for snapping photos of people in public places, it's still a grimy thing to do so without their permission.

So must of us would be a little embarrassed if we ever tried taking a picture of someone without their knowledge and got caught, right?

Unfortunately, some people don't care about being jerks, like this dude who called a Muslim woman a "b*tch" after she called him out on taking a pic of her.

Asma Elhuni was chilling in a coffee shop when this guy tried taking a photo of her. She started recording him and asked, on camera, why he did what he did. The guy then unapologetically sat down at the table, insulted her, then left when a friend intervened.

Asma wrote about the event on FB:

"Fight back with your cameras y'all. This is Rob from Detroit. He came in and thought it's ok to take his camera out and take a pic of me. I asked are you taking s pic of me? He said yes. I said why, he said I want to. So I took out my phone and started recoding him. spread widely.

Racists feel emboldened now"

Commenters were pretty much unanimous in the belief that the dude was a total sleazeball and offered supportive messages for Asma.


Hopefully putting scum like this on blast will make other grimy dudes think twice before snapping photos of women in public without their permission and insulting them when they're called out on it.

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