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This Adorable Couple Has Been Using The Same Pose Throughout Their Entire Relationship

By Omar Rimawi

There's a certain comfort in routine. When I go an entire week working on what I need to work on, day in, day out and not going to bed until I've completed everything I promised myself I'd complete for the day, I feel incredible. Sure, it might seem like the same exact thing, but it's my reaction to that same exact thing that changes every single time.

My wife and I are trying to pay off our student loans so we really try not to go out and eat at fancy restaurants or go on expensive vacations. So we keep our meals and date nights relatively low-priced. This results in going to a lot of the same places, but we always manage to have a great time together.

Now some people might rag on routine and tradition, but there are times when it's adorable.

Like these middle school sweethearts who took this photo when they were teens.

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Source: twitter

Here they are as young dorks.