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Dad Goes On 'Free Birthday Food Odyssey' And Took Pictures Of The Whole Thing


When it's your birthday, restaurants like to throw a special little extra something your way. Many fast food chains even have official franchise rules that stipulate a customer needs to get "x" item for free. The thing is, you have to muster up the courage to ask for the free food item (a nightmare for introverts, not me, I'll shamelessly do it) and usually present proof that it is, indeed, your date of birth.

One dad decided to spend his birthday eating all the free fast food he could get his hands on and recorded his entire "odyssey" and record his findings - particularly how good the free items from the businesses were and how willingly the store peeps were willing to fork over a free item.

Here's Josh's "Free Birthday Food Odyssey", which he proudly posted in Imgur.

Dairy Queen.

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First stop was Dairy Queen, where the manager told me he's been there for 10 years and has never heard of a birthday deal at DQ. He gave me a free chocolate-dipped twist cone anyway.