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These 1-Star Uber Driver Reviews Are So Strange We Hope They're Fake


Whenever it comes down to commenting on customer service experiences, not everyone leaves good feedback. If a restaurant does an OK job, no one's really in a rush to whip out their phones and give a good Yelp review for the business. But just let a waitress give a customer an attitude or the restaurant take too long to get someone's food to a table and everyone sitting their start trashing them before the check even ends up on the table.

And although I think there are few businesses that truly deserve 1-star reviews (except Texas Instruments, how the hell are you going to sell the same piece of technology at the same price for over 20 years? It's not like I'm paying full price for the first iPod, now am I?) sometimes, the people totally have it coming.

In these cases, these Uber drivers seem to be on the receiving end of some pretty unfortunate and hilarious jokes. At least, I hope they're jokes.

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