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A Man Is Suing Uber After The App Tipped Off His Wife About Affair

By Mark Pygas

A French businessman is suing Uber after a glitch with the app tipped his wife off about his affair. 

The BBC reports that the man used his wife’s iPhone to get a ride but, despite logging off, the app continued to send her notifications for all the rides he was taking. She eventually realized that the man was having an affair, and the two have since divorced.

The man's lawyer told AFP that they're suing the company for €45 million ($48 million), adding:

“My client was the victim of a bug in an application. The bug has caused him problems in his private life.” 

A spokesperson for Uber declined to give comment to Le Figaro, saying they do not talk about "individual cases, and especially those which concern things such as a divorce procedure.”

Other users had also encountered the Uber bug according to Le Figaro. The newspaper carried out its own experiment by retracing the steps, and the app sent notifications about the order to both phones.

The glitch only affected iPhones and was fixed in December, but evidently not before the man's wife caught on.