Guy Live Tweets After Roommate Murdered Someone In Their Apartment



We're read a lot of live tweets of everything from sporting events to elections but this might be the first ever live tweet of a murder investigation? After learning from the cops that his roommate slayed her boyfriend in the apartment they share, one man shared with the entire Twitter-reading population the events that unfolded, including an important realization that his current living arrangement is maybe not going to work out.  We were completely prepared for this to turn out to be a hoax but it appears to be incredibly true.

Before you even ask, yes this happened in Florida. Where else on earth would something this crazy happen? The Gainesville man documents everything from the hotel the police set him up with while they recovered their evidence to the bullet hole his roommate left in the wall when she murdered 26-year-old Ricardo Ortiz III. And judging from what she wrote on the calendar, it sounds like it may have been premeditated.

We've all had some pretty bad roommates in life. Whether it's the guy who eats your food despite the presence of sticky notes, or the girl who constantly clogs the drain with her hair. But that pales in comparison with the roommate of Twitter user chaserojo. He came home recently to find out that her roommate had murdered her boyfriend in their apartment. 

Yes, this is real.

He now has to stay in a hotel room while police do their thing.

But apparently there were warning signs.

Understandably, he's not keen on the idea of moving back in.

Twitter was shocked by the unfolding events.

Next time your roommate finishes off the last of your pizza, just remember these tweets. 

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