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NASA Just Discovered A Whole New Solar System, And We Might Be Able To Live There For Real

NASA Just Discovered A Whole New Solar System, And We Might Be Able To Live There For Real
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1 year ago

Life in Outer Space. Beings From Beyond The Stars. It sounds like science fiction, maybe the stuff you'd dream about as a kid or young adult, or in the moments when you're not caught up in the daily grind of your own life today. Oftentimes it's easy to distract ourselves from the "big" picture questions.

Questions like, "Are we alone in the universe?" And although NASA is responsible for some pretty great discoveries, it's no doubt that one of the biggest reasons people are excited about space exploration is the possibility that we may, someday, come in contact with alien life forms.

In order for us to find life as we know it, we need to find suitable hosting grounds and environments for life. Sadly, most of our attempts at doing so have more or less missed the mark.

But NASA's latest discovery of 7 new planets, all of which could very well contain water, have a lot of people very excited.
They were spotted by NASA's super powerful telescope, Spitzer.
NASA says that the planets are "relatively" close to us. But 40 light years does seem like a hell of a long way to travel.
According to NASA, that hasn't dulled their excitement about the groundbreaking discovery.
They even took to Reddit to answer people's questions about their findings. Tons of people joined in on the conversation.
They're even providing incremental updates on Snapchat, so in between trading dog-face selfies, you can learn about NASA's latest discoveries in outer space.

If they do find aliens, hopefully they're the friendly kind. And if they're not, let's hope our technology is better than theirs.

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