La La Land Accidentally Given Best Picture Instead Of Moonlight At The Oscars



The 89th Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars these days, took place on Sunday evening without any hiccups... until it was time to name the best picture of the year. La La Land won best picture of the year until producers ran on stage to correct the mistake and inform everyone that Moonlight was the actual winner.

The presenters, Bonnie and Clyde co-stars Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway seemed to hesitate when they opened the envelope before Faye finally read what she saw written inside: La La Land. The trouble is, the card inside was a duplicate of the one that announced Emma Stone as the winner of Best Actress. The reason Warren paused is because he thought it was weird Emma's name was written above La La Land. And he was sure to let the viewers in the theater and at home know it wasn't him and Faye who screwed this one up. It's those accountants they always trot out for a stupid segment you use as a window to get a snack and use the bathroom.

Everyone was confused.

It was their Steve Harvey moment.


It turns out that the wrong envelope was handed out.

Did that really just happen?

Of course it didn't take long for memes to start popping up.

The emotional roller coaster the La La Land team rode must've been insane, but that didn't stop anyone from making jokes.

What a twist!

There were plenty of memorable moments, but the award mix-up made sure it would be the only thing anyone would remember the 89th Academy Awards for.

Makes you wonder if they'll make it to the 84th year.

There were no hard feelings between the competing cast members

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