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This Kid's Face After Someone Took His Food Is The Official Definition of 'Hangry'

By Mustafa Gatollari

If you want to see me get really upset, just mess with whatever food I'm enjoying in the moment.

We all learned about sharing in preschool and in most situations it's nice to share what you have with others. However, I belong to the Joey Tribbiani School when it comes to food. I DO NOT SHARE FOOD. Unless you are literally starving, do not begin to make eyes at my snacks or, worse yet, grab some off my plate without asking. You're liable to pull back a stump if you do that around me, especially if it's one of my favorite foods, like macaroni and cheese.

Seriously, if you do this to your friends and loved ones, I have a question... what is wrong with you? Who raised you? Give me their number so we can have a conversation about your upbringing. 

This kid totally understands where I'm coming from on the subject of foot stealing. In fact, I'm ready to name him the official poster boy for Hangry. Never before has a snapshot so brutally captured the searing rage I feel when someone thinks it's acceptable to just come in with their grubby paws and steal my hard-earned fries off my plate. 

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