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Alec Baldwin Teases Replacing Donald Trump At The White House Correspondents' Dinner

By Mark Pygas

President Donald Trump took to Twitter last week to say that he wouldn't be attending the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner (WHCA) that's due to take place on April 29th. The annual event is almost always attended by the president, who "enjoys" jokes at his expense. The only exception to this rule in the past 3 decades is when Ronald Reagan missed the 1981 dinner.

He had a pretty good excuse though, since he was recuperating from a gunshot wound he sustained during an assassination attempt. And even then he still called in and made a joke at his own expense about the incident. Looks like the current president isn't quite as adept at laughing at himself, which is what this dinner is all about (along with celebrating journalists and freedom of the press). Considering he regularly calls major media outlets "fake news" and treats them like the enemy, it's not a huge shock the President isn't into the idea of a whole night celebrating the First Amendment. I wonder if he would go to the Shorty Awards instead, since he's such a huge fan of Twitter?