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Mike Pence Probably Regrets This Hypocritical Tweet About Hillary Now That He Has A Scandal Of His Own

Mike Pence Probably Regrets This Hypocritical Tweet About Hillary Now That He Has A Scandal Of His Own
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1 year ago

Our political landscape today is a confusing mess. Because of the two-party system, you've got throngs of people who vote for politicians and elect leaders like they're watching the Super Bowl.

Using all sorts of mental gymnastics to make excuses for "their team," supporters will use all sorts of arguments and find any dirt on the opposing political party in order to justify for the horse that they backed. It's ridiculous, but also amusing in a dark kinda way.

Like when Trump's supporters months leading up to the election wouldn't stop talking about Hillary hosting her emails on a private server. Never mind the fact that it wasn't illegal. Never mind the fact her emails were scanned and cleared by the FBI. Never mind the fact that the Donald didn't pursue her for criminal charges, like he said he would, once she was elected. And never mind the fact that his entire team now are all hosting their emails on a private server, doing the same exact thing Hillary did.

Now it's been revealed that VP Mike Pence used a personal AOL account while Governor of Indiana. You know, the same thing he said "disqualified" Hillary for being President?

But Pence's email scandal is way more harrowing than Hillary's. First, the private email account that Pence used was confirmed to have been hacked last summer. Also, it's been confirmed that emails containing sensitive information and homeland security data were on Pence's account.

Now people are calling Pence out for his hypocrisy.
His emails aren't being released because the information they contain is "too sensitive," and he's trying to avoid an FBI probe.

But here he is commending the Bureau for looking into Clinton's emails, despite her hosting emails on a private server that wasn't confirmed to be hacked, unlike his.

When it came to Hillary's emails, Pence was all for investigating them.
 "That original decision was really incomprehensible. To arrive at a place where even in his testimony before the Congress, and in that long press conference that he gave … that literally Hillary Clinton had classified information on a private server that she said she didn’t have … that, to me, is the kind of double standard that the American people are weary of." - CBS, Face the Nation.
And here is in an interview with Fox News that the American people are troubled about Clinton not turning over her emails.
 "The message is very, very simple. That the American people have been troubled about the fact that Hillary Clinton continues to refuse to turn over some 33,000 emails." - Fox News.
Before Pence's own email scandal, he said that electing someone who hosted emails on a private server would be "extremely careless."
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