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Every Parent Can Relate To This Mom Getting Busted By Her Kids While Taking Selfies


Let's start off with a fact many people have yet to admit to themselves: While the selfies you take may look glamorous, the actual act of you taking a selfie is anything but. Frankly, it can look ridiculous as you contort yourself to get the perfectly framed shot, trying not to look like you are taking the photo yourself (and trying to hide the fact that it took about 400 shots to get the perfect one.

For better or for worse, selfies are now part of our culture, so we tend to accept it for what it is. The older generation still gives their kids a hard time for taking so many selfies, but as tech got friendlier, even grandparents started to embrace selfies themselves. However, they aren't quite as skilled as the younger generation about making sure they're alone when they do it, as evidenced by this poor woman's reaction in the video below.