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Source: Mark Wilson

The Number Of Women In The White House Who Went On Strike For Women's Day Is Going To Shock You


Yesterday, women across the globe went on strike in the name of equality, women's health, and to change systematic and structural issues of gender-based injustice. While many women took off work, those who couldn't--whether for financial reasons, or working in a field like healthcare, when female doctors and nurses felt it was better to go in than risk someone losing their life--stood in solidarity with the cause by wearing red. Some people even stood in solidarity by simply talking about the issues and engaging in dialogue about the strike and where women and marginalized folks are coming from.

Sadly, according to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, no staffers in the White House participated in the strike. Of course, this comes with a necessary provision: He said none of the female White House staffers he’s “aware of” participated in the strike. It's entirely possible staffers participated and he didn't notice.

But still: Given the fact that even female members of Congress walked out in order to strike, many feminists are feeling disappointed that there wasn't a show of participation in the White House. After all, especially for young men and women, the staffers and those working behind the scenes in the White House stand as pillars of inspiration for where our country's values are.