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You Can Now Listen To The Trump's Sex-Filled Interview From The '90s Online

You Can Now Listen To The Trump's Sex-Filled Interview From The '90s Online
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1 year ago

Talking about becoming President of the United States has been a hobby of sorts for Donald Trump since the late 1980s. He didn't actually become a presidential candidate until 1999 where he was considered to be a joke candidate (for the first time) and acted accordingly.

An interview Trump gave with his now longtime friend Howard Stern back in 1999 has resurfaced, and it is beyond horrific. It starts off with Stern telling us that he doesn't really think he's running for President, and Robin Quivers adding that he was probably just doing it to promote his book. 

The interview went from 0-100 real quick when Stern cuts Trump off and says, "Lemme talk to that broad in your bed." Donald was more than happy to comply, calling over then-girlfriend Melania and handing her over to Howard Stern.

After saying "Hello," Stern told her that she was really hot and pelted her with some pretty inappropriate questions. These questions included whether she was naked while on the phone and whether she goes over to Donald's place every night to have sex.

Stern then asks what she's going to be wearing when they see each other later that evening, telling her that he wanted her to put on her hottest outfit, said that she'd be able to see how hot he was later that day, and asked her a host of pretty inappropriate questions.

Stern even tells Melania that she has "a big chest for a model," which is right about when you can hear a person who we assume is Donald laughing in the background. 

The interview is short, but it's hard not to cringe your way through it.

The interview puts to bed any fears people have of things they say coming back to haunt them in the future, because the guy that made this interview happen is currently sitting in the Oval Office and signing another executive order that will undoubtedly end up being a meme. Sad!

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