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Professor's 'BBC News' Interview Interrupted By His Hilarious Children On Air

Professor's 'BBC News' Interview Interrupted By His Hilarious Children On Air
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1 year ago

Live television has a lot of potentially destructive variables, and that potential increases tenfold whenever there are kids around. Political scientist Robert Kelly was giving a live interview on the effects the impeachment of South Korea's president will have on the region when the interview took an unexpected turn.

His kids barged into his unlocked home office and completely detracted the interview.
There's a chance that the toddler disagreed with dad and wanted to give him a different perspective on the matter.
Robert tries maintaining eye contact with the camera while handling his daughter when the youngest Kelly child decides to see what all the ruckus is about.
He has wheels and he's going mobile.
Right when it looked like Kelly was going to have to reconsider working from home, a woman dashes in and does her best #GetOutChallenge and manages to take the kids out of the room.

Better attempt at the #GetOutChallenge than most.

That door close, though.
People who were trying to pay attention to the interview don't even remember what it was about.
Some would've liked Kelly to have handled things differently.
But most understood that he was simply in a full on panic to maintain professionalism without switching into dad-mode in front of the millions of people watching.
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