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The 'Hell Challenge' Is Getting Teens In Serious Trouble With Their Parents

The 'Hell Challenge' Is Getting Teens In Serious Trouble With Their Parents
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1 year ago

Growing up, it seemed like there were so many ways to get in trouble with my parents in any given situation.

Depending on what I said, did, whose hand I didn't shake, who I wasn't respectful towards, what part of my dinner I didn't eat, what order I ate dessert in, all of them were candidates for a smack. I'm not saying I got hit a lot, but what I am saying is that my father and mother were really good at convincing me that a slap was imminent at any minute, so I was walking on eggshells most of the time.

And I sure as hell didn't think I could ever get away with cuss words around my parents. Even now, as a grown man with a wife and a kid, I try to keep my language more PG around my folks. So when I heard of the hell challenge, I started to cringe at the thought of saying "hell" around my folks growing up.

When I saw some of these videos of kids trying to get away with saying "hell" around their moms and dads, it made me cringe even more.
Most of the parents weren't happy about hearing their kids use the word in the wrong context.
They even screencapped their text conversations.
Some were on to the game...it didn't really soften things up, though.
Some parents really weren't all that bothered by it.
Others were just hurt that their kids would swear at them.

I actually feel really bad for this woman. I hope this is fake :(

Most of the responses were angry ones.

Yeah, you couldn't get me to do that when I was a kid. No way in hell.

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